Monday, March 22, 2010

A Ride Down Memory Lane

This past weekend I went home to Columbus for a quick weekend visit. Since I'm in training for my Team In Training event I took my bicycle and gear home with me. On Saturday afternoon I took my bike down to the park where I've been hundreds of times in my life. And I started to ride. And what happened was kind of amazing. Being on that trail brought back a whole slew of memories. As I rode south on the trail I went by the playgrounds and soccer fields where so many afternoons were spent. Further down was my high school. You can't see much of the school from the trail but all the ball fields were there. I remembered the afternoons running on the path for lacrosse and softball practice. Then there were the summer mornings on the river or in the fields for summer gym. (That was the best deal, taking gym in the summer meant I didn't have to during the year!) Further south was Antrim Lake. Some of the best sledding I ever did was in Antrim Park, at night. We used to have to run from the school and around the lake. I really hated it some days. I've never loved to run!
From there, I continued south, enjoying the scenery but no really having specific memories. There was a detour that landed me riding on High Street. It is the main drag in Columbus. Riding through Clintonville was something I've never done but quite enjoyed. The houses and buildings are quaint in this area. Then I reached Ohio State's campus. I honestly didn't know the trail went all the way to campus! I could see the horseshoe and the basketball arena and remembered somw of the dumb stuff we used to do in college!
The section between campus and dwntown was, frankly, a little sketchy. The trail went under several bridges and highways. I concluded that I've watched too many cop dramas and kept waiting for bridge people to jump out at me!
Finally, the downtown skyline came into view. The city has done a lot of work developing the riverfront in this area. It was really nice, this was the first I'd been down there. Not being especially warm or sunny there weren't many people around but I'm sure on a nice afternoon it;s fun to be there! I got to study some of the new buildings as I rode and it wasn't long before I got to the Broad Street bridge. The trail hit another detour and at almost 14 miles away from the car I decided this was as far as I was going to go. I sat on the steps between the street and the river and enjoyed a snack and remembered watching Red White and Boom downtown so many years in a row. There was one year we sat on the Broad Street bridge; it was crazy and the fireworks were right.over.head!
So many good memories that I hadn't thought about for a long time. As I rode back north I enjoyed the scenery and enjoyed being on my bike. We've been training for a month now I can honestly say that I really enjoy it. I was proud of myself for pushing to make it 28 miles on Saturday. On top of the 14 miles on Friday I wasn't sure I'd make it. But I did and I'll keep going!