Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I know I've been MIA again--more about that coming soon. It has been an interesting summer....In the meantime, something a little more lighthearted!

My maternal grandmother had beautiful white hair the entire time I knew her. She would go to the beauty parlor every week and have it washed and set. When I would stay with my grandparents in the summer Grandpa would drive her down there, go back to the house for a nap and then pick her up at the predetermined time. Like clockwork every week. My paternal grandmother had dark hair that didn't start getting gray until she was well into her eighties.

I take after my maternal grandmother...

2 years ago now, probably, I told my hairstylist that I was getting white hair. He looked at me like I was crazy. But I knew they were in there. When I would come across one I would grab the tweezers and RIP it out! Over time, more and more came about. Yes, yes, I've heard the old wives' tale about plucking but I don't care! I told someone I would pluck myself bald before letting white hair inhabit my head. And they are white, white; no gray. The bad thing is some of them seem to come in white and others are traitors that sometimes get caught in the act of changing from brown to white.

About a year ago, I mentioned it to my hairstylist again and his response was "Yeah, yeah you do." There was no denying it. He lessens my trepidation by highlighting with light blonde streaks that camouflage them nicely. I've gotten to the point where I don't pluck all of them anymore. I go after the ones around my face, especially if they're one of the wirey ones that stick up funny. The ones inside stay there, hopefully hidden from sight.

I have a few problems with getting white hair:
#1 I'm 32! 3-2 And I'm single, is that fair? I know, life isn't fair...
#2 I try to blame them on stress from work. I told my boss that once and he laughed. I don't think it's funny though since most of the people who work around me has or is getting gray. Unfortunate since we're all in our thirties!
#3 I don't think they're stress-related though... ;-(
#4 I'm upset I'm this vain. With age comes wisdom, right? I think it stems from the fact I'm still single. It's kinda like a reminder when I look in the mirror, "Good morning, you're getting older and you're still single. Have a great day!" Yeah, thanks. If I had a husband he'd find them endearing, right? Right?

So tomorrow I'm going to see my hairstylist again for the first time in several months. He will work his magic and camouflage the whities again and my tweezers will get a time out. Oh what we do to keep ourselves up and young looking!

What about you, do you have a personal issue you never thought you'd deal with? Please share, let me know I'm not alone!

By the way, the photo isn't of my grandmother. I love you Grandma, I miss you and your beautiful hair very much. I hope my hair doesn't follow suit though.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wrong Turn

The weather in Indianapolis has been great this week and keeps getting better! I took full advantage of it on Tuesday evening striking out for a ride south. The Monon trail has been closed thanks to the I-465 project going on. It is open sporadically and I caught it on good night. I headed south on the Monon towards Broad Ripple and downtown. The Monon was pretty crowded (duh) so I headed west on the Central Canal Towpath. I've been on this path a few times but hadn't seen all of it. I decided I was game for an adventure and headed out of Broad Ripple. It was peaceful, but not much of it is paved (unfortunately). I knew that the Towpath connected to another trail that went all the way downtown. What I didn't remember was where or how. Before long I was pretty much by myself on the path. It was okay though, peaceful.
Then I got to the end of the path. The end of the path is at 30th Street and Harding Street, not the best part of town...Not being able to find the connector to the trail (turns out I had passed it prior to getting to "the end"), I considered turning around and heading back the way I came. Not looking forward to riding on crushed limestone for another 5 miles I decided to head east on 30th Street and catch Illinois and head back north. I didn't think it would be too many blocks and it would be paved. I soon forgot why this was a good idea. I was on a sidewalk with lots of starts and stops, glass, gravel...Then I crossed Martin Luther King drive and went under the highway again. By this point I was pedaling as fast as I could to get back where I knew where I was! A mile and a half later I finally saw the dinosaurs outside of the Children's Museum and felt better.
The dinos "break" right through, it actually looks pretty neat!

Turning onto Illinois Street I figured it be an easy ride back to where I could rejoin the Towpath (close to the Monon!). I've driven on Illinois Street a lot, but not in the right lane; with the sand and the potholes and the glass and gravel! Yikes! I tried to avoid as best as I could without riding in the left lane with the cars. My detour ended up being about 4 miles, slightly shorter than the ride out and probably a little too much adventure for a Tuesday evening bike ride. I got back to the canal and then the Monon. The path wasn't as busy on the way back and I was home well before it got dark.
I know I was in a bad part of town and I was a little scared. I didn't see any sketchy characters or shadiness. I was going as fast as my legs would carry me, but it wasn't so bad. I like to think I'm a fairly smart person and I would have turned around and gone back up the Towpath if I really felt in danger. I did decide that I'm going to stay on paved trails or roads and probably head away from the city rather than into the city!
Now that I've looked at a map again I'll probably take another ride downtown.
On a Saturday afternoon.
With more water and maybe a friend to enjoy it with!

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Ride Down Memory Lane

This past weekend I went home to Columbus for a quick weekend visit. Since I'm in training for my Team In Training event I took my bicycle and gear home with me. On Saturday afternoon I took my bike down to the park where I've been hundreds of times in my life. And I started to ride. And what happened was kind of amazing. Being on that trail brought back a whole slew of memories. As I rode south on the trail I went by the playgrounds and soccer fields where so many afternoons were spent. Further down was my high school. You can't see much of the school from the trail but all the ball fields were there. I remembered the afternoons running on the path for lacrosse and softball practice. Then there were the summer mornings on the river or in the fields for summer gym. (That was the best deal, taking gym in the summer meant I didn't have to during the year!) Further south was Antrim Lake. Some of the best sledding I ever did was in Antrim Park, at night. We used to have to run from the school and around the lake. I really hated it some days. I've never loved to run!
From there, I continued south, enjoying the scenery but no really having specific memories. There was a detour that landed me riding on High Street. It is the main drag in Columbus. Riding through Clintonville was something I've never done but quite enjoyed. The houses and buildings are quaint in this area. Then I reached Ohio State's campus. I honestly didn't know the trail went all the way to campus! I could see the horseshoe and the basketball arena and remembered somw of the dumb stuff we used to do in college!
The section between campus and dwntown was, frankly, a little sketchy. The trail went under several bridges and highways. I concluded that I've watched too many cop dramas and kept waiting for bridge people to jump out at me!
Finally, the downtown skyline came into view. The city has done a lot of work developing the riverfront in this area. It was really nice, this was the first I'd been down there. Not being especially warm or sunny there weren't many people around but I'm sure on a nice afternoon it;s fun to be there! I got to study some of the new buildings as I rode and it wasn't long before I got to the Broad Street bridge. The trail hit another detour and at almost 14 miles away from the car I decided this was as far as I was going to go. I sat on the steps between the street and the river and enjoyed a snack and remembered watching Red White and Boom downtown so many years in a row. There was one year we sat on the Broad Street bridge; it was crazy and the fireworks were right.over.head!
So many good memories that I hadn't thought about for a long time. As I rode back north I enjoyed the scenery and enjoyed being on my bike. We've been training for a month now I can honestly say that I really enjoy it. I was proud of myself for pushing to make it 28 miles on Saturday. On top of the 14 miles on Friday I wasn't sure I'd make it. But I did and I'll keep going!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

And so it begins...

I signed up for Team In Training 26 days ago. I've been to 3 team events, getting to know my team mates and have started my fund raising campaign. But it wasn't until yesterday we officially put the "Training" in "Team In Training"! I was excited but a little nervous about the rubber hitting the road or my butt hitting the spinning cycle as it was yesterday. Well, it turns out I should have been more concerned about when my butt wasn't hitting the cycle! I could ride, I could handle the gears and the increased resistance. What was hard was the jogging and climbing. Oh my aching quads! My muscles basically flipped out! Quite surprising to me, I thought my legs were stronger. I got quite concerned and filled with self-doubt during the class. I slowed down and was able to calm myself down. This was day one, there are going to be many many more days until I'm actually going to be climbing the real hills around Lake Tahoe. It will be okay, I will make it! I trust the coaches to train us to do it! We start keeping track of mileage we train on our own this week and I will ride every foot I'm told to. I'm also going to be sure to hit the YMCA and do squats to build up those climbing muscles! I've been reintroduced to my body and right now it doesn't like me very much... ;-) But someday soon we'll be a force to be reckoned with.