Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I know I've been MIA again--more about that coming soon. It has been an interesting summer....In the meantime, something a little more lighthearted!

My maternal grandmother had beautiful white hair the entire time I knew her. She would go to the beauty parlor every week and have it washed and set. When I would stay with my grandparents in the summer Grandpa would drive her down there, go back to the house for a nap and then pick her up at the predetermined time. Like clockwork every week. My paternal grandmother had dark hair that didn't start getting gray until she was well into her eighties.

I take after my maternal grandmother...

2 years ago now, probably, I told my hairstylist that I was getting white hair. He looked at me like I was crazy. But I knew they were in there. When I would come across one I would grab the tweezers and RIP it out! Over time, more and more came about. Yes, yes, I've heard the old wives' tale about plucking but I don't care! I told someone I would pluck myself bald before letting white hair inhabit my head. And they are white, white; no gray. The bad thing is some of them seem to come in white and others are traitors that sometimes get caught in the act of changing from brown to white.

About a year ago, I mentioned it to my hairstylist again and his response was "Yeah, yeah you do." There was no denying it. He lessens my trepidation by highlighting with light blonde streaks that camouflage them nicely. I've gotten to the point where I don't pluck all of them anymore. I go after the ones around my face, especially if they're one of the wirey ones that stick up funny. The ones inside stay there, hopefully hidden from sight.

I have a few problems with getting white hair:
#1 I'm 32! 3-2 And I'm single, is that fair? I know, life isn't fair...
#2 I try to blame them on stress from work. I told my boss that once and he laughed. I don't think it's funny though since most of the people who work around me has or is getting gray. Unfortunate since we're all in our thirties!
#3 I don't think they're stress-related though... ;-(
#4 I'm upset I'm this vain. With age comes wisdom, right? I think it stems from the fact I'm still single. It's kinda like a reminder when I look in the mirror, "Good morning, you're getting older and you're still single. Have a great day!" Yeah, thanks. If I had a husband he'd find them endearing, right? Right?

So tomorrow I'm going to see my hairstylist again for the first time in several months. He will work his magic and camouflage the whities again and my tweezers will get a time out. Oh what we do to keep ourselves up and young looking!

What about you, do you have a personal issue you never thought you'd deal with? Please share, let me know I'm not alone!

By the way, the photo isn't of my grandmother. I love you Grandma, I miss you and your beautiful hair very much. I hope my hair doesn't follow suit though.