Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Play Date

Hawkins, my dog, turned 3 last week. I used it as an excuse to have some of my friends with dogs to the dog park for a play date. Basically the same thing moms do with their human babies! It was complete with treats to commemorate the day! Some of our guests included Molly, the puggle, and Dakota, the Weimaraner. Hawkins is in the foreground.It also turned into a bit of a puggle party. And they all seemed to hang out together! Molly and Emma are in the middle, I don't know who the other two dogs are.Too much partying for this little one. At least he's smart enough to rest in the shade!The simple little play date turned into a quite a production. Directly after the play date Hawkins had to be hosed down to break up all the dirt that had dried in his fur. Then I had to give the bath tub a bath and then myself. Luckily, we both had a great nap and were clean when it was all said and done! Thanks to those that came. We'll have to do it again!

Take Action Tuesday

Some of the blogs I enjoy reading have a weekly series and I look forward to them. I came up with an idea for a weekly series called "Take Action Tuesday". Every week I'm going to post a link or a suggestion to get involved. This is just a suggestion for a cause that I care about. Feel free to participate or take action for a cause that is close to your heart.
This week's Take Action Tuesday concerns recycling or actually stopping it before it comes. The website is called Catalog Choice and will help you get off those mailing lists for the catalogs that you never even look at. The Catalog Choice community is presently 987,093 persons strong, having already opted out of 13,019,638 catalogs. Pretty impressive!
Take Action! Go! And be sure to leave a comment if you participate, ESPECIALLY if you choose to take action in a different fashion. May be a good idea for a future Take Action Tuesday!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Could the second be the last?

I've been completely inspired by the group of blogs that I read on a daily or semi-daily basis. That is the big reason I decided to start a new blog-I hope I can be inspiring or motivating for readers of my blog. I do have another time-sucker beyond Facebook and Blogger though, Wii. I have to say that Nintendo is genius to develop a product that makes a 30-year old woman want one as much, if not more, than a little boy. In the spring I decided I had to have and the companion Wii Fit that would help me shed these extra pounds. I knew when I came across one that was fate telling me it was time. Fast forward to July. At my parents' lake cottage deep in Ohio Amish Country we had to pick up groceries at Wal Mart. Lo and behold there was a single Wii unit in the bottom of the case. Woo-hoo!
Side bar, true story-My parents and I were in the house after dinner and I had carefully hooked the system up. I begged both my parents to play with me without success. I played by myself for awhile and piqued their interest. By the end of the night we all had Wii Miis and were having a ball. The next afternoon we headed to the dock to take the boat out for a run. After trying unsuccessfully to get the engine running properly we decided to head back to the house. Stepping off the boat Mom asked if we can go play the Wii. Of course! Nintendo Genius!
Anyway, so I had my prized Wii console but had yet to lay eyes on the elusive Wii Fit. Honestly, I hadn't gotten the Wii out at home because I'm afraid of getting addicted and not getting any of my other chores done. Today while shopping for some software I almost fell over the Wii Fit. Let the weight loss begin!
Will this be the end of the blog? Is fate tempting me? Testing me? I personally think this will be a great opportunity to practice time-management and self control. We'll see...tune in tomorrow!


I've been very torn about sharing my life with my friends. Several months ago I had blog that I didn't keep up with (it was about my marathon training journey) for very long. Then a few months ago I got sucked into the world of Facebook, and I love it. So do I share my life on Blogger where all my friends can see me or on my Facebook page where only my Facebook friends can see me? I think I found the best of both worlds if I can be smart enough to link the two together. We'll see...