Sunday, February 21, 2010

And so it begins...

I signed up for Team In Training 26 days ago. I've been to 3 team events, getting to know my team mates and have started my fund raising campaign. But it wasn't until yesterday we officially put the "Training" in "Team In Training"! I was excited but a little nervous about the rubber hitting the road or my butt hitting the spinning cycle as it was yesterday. Well, it turns out I should have been more concerned about when my butt wasn't hitting the cycle! I could ride, I could handle the gears and the increased resistance. What was hard was the jogging and climbing. Oh my aching quads! My muscles basically flipped out! Quite surprising to me, I thought my legs were stronger. I got quite concerned and filled with self-doubt during the class. I slowed down and was able to calm myself down. This was day one, there are going to be many many more days until I'm actually going to be climbing the real hills around Lake Tahoe. It will be okay, I will make it! I trust the coaches to train us to do it! We start keeping track of mileage we train on our own this week and I will ride every foot I'm told to. I'm also going to be sure to hit the YMCA and do squats to build up those climbing muscles! I've been reintroduced to my body and right now it doesn't like me very much... ;-) But someday soon we'll be a force to be reckoned with.

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