Monday, November 3, 2008

Take Action Tuesday (a little early)

This week's TAT is a no-brainer-VOTE, vote, vote, vote, vote! BUT there is a twist. I challenge you to find out information about the other races you'll be voting on-Governor, State House/Senate, Commissioners, etc. I don't like to be an uninformed voter. It took awhile but I found the local newspaper had a lot of good information about the candidates. I could even put in my zip code and get a list of the positions that I would encounter in the voting booth. If you live in Indiana, especially Indianapolis start here. It appears the candidates themselves have provided the information and answered questions. If you don't live in Indiana, I encourage you to research your local resources.
I'm so excited about the election tomorrow. I've always loved Election Night, I remember waking up numerous times in the night in 2000 to see if they had called the winner for President yet. I'm really excited that so many people are getting out and exercising there civil rights! Happy Voting!

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