Saturday, April 4, 2009

Just Write!

My last post was November 11th...I don't know why.
I think I was trying too hard. I got completely caught up in these big blogs with all these readers and wanted it NOW! I had a few serials that I had started and I started running out of became stressful (WHAT am I going to share for Take Action Tuesday??).
I love my blog-how it looks, how it sounds. I think it's me, bad grammar and all. I felt bad for a few days that I missed the next week's TAT and then I was relieved.
Then the holidays came. I wrote about my blog and put the address in my Christmas card that went out to many people.
And then I didn't write.
I thought about it.
I had ideas. I even wrote a draft of an entry and kept it for after my "return entry".
Then the winter blues came and I didn't have any interest and frankly didn't even think about my blog.
One night I was online and saw the button at the top of the page with my other links. I hit it and was instantly reminded of the love for my blog.
For the last few weeks I've thought of stuff and thought 'I should write about that'.
But I didn't.
I needed an amazing 'return to blogging entry' with all the bells and whistles.
What could possibly be interesting enough or important enough to be the subject of such an auspicious entry??
Nothing. I got nothin'.
Then today I was laying outside in the beautiful spring weather sunning myself and I ended up taking a couple amazing photos.
'I should share these on my blog'
'After the return entry'
'Just write something!!!'
It seems so simple.
So here is my return entry.
A photo of a girl typing on the computer (ironically off a blog entry called "how to write more, worry less, and create great content")! The bells and whistles are at the end.
I have been pretty busy and have a lot to share with you!
No stress, no guilt, just me.
Stay tuned.

So leave a comment to tell me you're still out there! Otherwise these posts may start "Dear Mom". Actually, that reminds me I have to set up a new link on her new computer or she won't read it either!

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