Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Take Action Tuesday-Participate!

I know that the economy is weighing on everyone's mind. It's not an easy time right now. BUT--there are ways that WE can make a difference. If you're like me, you have causes you care about and contribute to. The Komen Race for a Cure was in Indianapolis this last weekend and it was amazing to see all 42,000 participants! There are all sorts of reasons we decide to support a cause-personal experience, support for family member or friend, aligns with our values. I've been finding that a chance to participate means a lot more to me than it did previously. Cheap entertainment? Maybe...More likely I think it is a need to be a part of something positive.
So this week I challenge you to make a commitment to participate in an event that supports a cause you believe in. There's so many great ones, big and small. I'm walking this coming Sunday in the Mutt Strut that benefits the Humane Society of Indianapolis (off subject-you can donate to my fundraising effort click here). A friend of mine knows a woman that just in the last few weeks lost her infant dausghter and it makes March of Dimes March For Babies mean that much more. Happy Walking, or Running, or whatever you might do!

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