Thursday, September 25, 2008

It may be Fall but...

On Monday, the first day of Autumn, I looked out the window at the office and saw one traitor of a tree that was standing tall and proud in all it's golden glory. It was then that it hit me that Fall was coming and it wasn't going to wait. Cut to today--I was in my friendly neighborhood big box buying the necessities; turkey, milk, the Sex in the City movie. In one last glimmer of summer I then came upon a beautiful sight! Blueberries, raspberries and strawberries, YUM! One of my most favorite parts of summer still available. I rushed home and had a big bowl of yogurt and berries for dinner. It may be Fall but at my house it is still summer!
I guess I'm giving my feelings for Fall a bad wrap. I actually like Fall. MY birthday is in the Fall (and I still love my birthday)! Football games, camp fires, waking up huddled under the covers with a cold nose, sweaters, what's not to like? My problem is winter. I hate the Winter and Fall is the last step before Winter. I was thinking about this on the way home tonight-here is my ideal year: Standard Spring with the trees budding and flowers blooming. Warm (but not too hot) Summer with sunny days and playing outside. Fall with cooling days and changing leaves. Then, the best part, Winter would be the month of December only. Cold weather to foster the Christmas spirit, hot chocolate, skating, shopping. Then Christmas morning would have 6" of beautiful fluffy snow perfect for playing in and building a snow man. Then at the end of the month it would start to warm up-Spring! Ah, what a great year. If anyone knows where this exists be sure to let me know!

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