Monday, September 29, 2008

Organizing my life

I started redecorating my condo this spring and since have moved everything in my house at least twice. I removed all the carpet and replaced it in the bedrooms and installed wood flooring in the living room/dining room. I've undertaken a few other projects to complete the renovation in the main living area. I had been avoiding the second bedroom-until this weekend. I've been torn what to do with this room and finally figured out a happy medium. This is my new guest/craft/exercise room.

The biggest undertaking was organizing all my crafting stuff and getting rid of the stuff I don't need anymore. I'm taking advantage of the bookshelves to store desk stuff as well as all my exercise equipment (videos, weights, etc.)


I know it doesn't look very impressive but I was able to centrally locate all of my supplies and now I can find everything in their labeled boxes! And, lots of extra storage for the future!
Eventually, I'll have a crafting desk I've got my eye on where the sling back chair is currently. I still need to hang up my pictures, bulletin board for inspiration pictures, and maybe a few shelves. In the mean time, I'm looking forward to working out and reading in this room. Most of my windows face north but the two windows in this room face east and it gets great light in the morning. I only have a few projects left until my whole house is done, but this was the last big one, yeah! The couch pulls out so I'm ready for guests if you want to visit Indy!


Designher Momma said...

your place looks great! I haven't been over it so just might be time for girls night!

kim said...

Wow--I am so impressed. It looks great! When are you coming to my house?

Org Junkie said...

What do you mean it doesn't look impressive!?! The closet is absolutely fantastic, wow what an excellent use of space. Of course I'm loving all the containers and your the way you added the ribbon bar. So great!

grubb girls said...

omg i want this craftin closet you have yourself! i can't wait to check it out this week! looking forward to girls night!