Thursday, October 9, 2008

Albuquerque Part I

I didn't really expect to but I took more pictures on this vacation than any other. I won't show you all 234 pictures but it's gonna take more than one entry to share with you. We got to New Mexico on Thursday and first thing Friday morning (at like 5:30 am) we were picked up to go on a hot air balloon ride. I was a little nervous but ever since I was little I've wanted to go on a ride.
First they laid out the balloons and blew air from a fan into the open end. They also laid the gondola (not basket) and the burners on their side. Once the balloon had a lot of air in it, they started heating the air. They started to rise up slowly.
Then it was up up and away! The balloons took off in majestic form. That morning the Fiesta was having a program in the local schools. They had a hot air balloon taking off from all the local schools so there balloons all around us. It was so exciting seeing that many balloons all at once!
My mom and I in the gondola and my favorite picture-looking straight up into the balloon!
After our lovely ride it was time to land and pack up. Mom and the pilot stayed in the balloon and the rest of us laid the gondola back down on it's side. Then they crawled out! Then we squeezed all the air out of the balloon.

The last step was to get the really big balloon in the really little bag and squeeze some more. What a great experience. I wasn't too scared, especially since the wind was calm and only 4 other people in the gondola. Another item checked off my "Things I Have To Do Before I Die"!Tune in tomorrow for the continuing saga!

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