Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Take Action Tuesday

This week's cause is an important one - YOU! This is as much for me as for you because it is an important activity. Have you heard of a Vision Board? I did my first vision board 5 or 6 years ago for my career-on-the-side. I've heard about them since then and I think Oprah has talked about it before too (so you know it's good!). What you do is get a piece of poster board or big piece of paper and a big stack of magazines to cut pictures out of. Then you go through the magazines to find pictures of people, places, things, ideas, causes you'd like to have in your life. Cut them out and glue to the board and locate in a prominent location where it is easily seen. There are a bunch of websites that talk more in-depth about them. I've gotten my piece of paper and cut out LOTS of pictures. This week I'll get everything glued up and post a picture of it! I have VISION! Please share your vision? What do you want to have in your life that you don't have currently?

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